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    Just wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on the Marans that Meyers hatchery sells. I am not looking for the perfect chickens, I am just interested in the breed and would like to get a few. I have been looking for hatching eggs but my hatch rates are well....not good, so buying chicks seems to be the option. If you have Marans from Meyers, what do you think about them? :D
  2. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    I have a Golden Cuckoo Marans hen, and also a Blue Copper Marans hen from Meyers. They were hatched on Feb 10th. I really like them. They're lovely. Now, they do lay the darkest eggs of my flock, but they're not super dark. The BCM hen is really big! And she's so pretty. The GCM hen is pretty too, but not as large as the Blue Copper.
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    I have 1 Black Copper Maran hen that hatched March 24. I ordered 2 but one did not make it after a few days. She is one of my favorites of the 19 of chicks I ordered, very curious and outgoing and not skiddish at all. She has been the only one to jump on my lap or arm when I bend down to offer treats and lets me pick her up and hold her. She's kind of medium sized and just has the copper coloring around her neck. She started laying about 22 weeks old, her eggs are about the same color as the darker ones Meyer shows in the website/catalog and has a lot of dark speckles. I plan on getting 2 or 3 more in the spring from Meyer for the personality and egg color.
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    So far sounds really good. Thank you both for your input. I think that the Marans are such beautiful birds and I believe they will get along with my Orpington hens. :)
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    I placed my order with Meyers, I should be expecting my chicks in early march. I decided to get 3 splash Marans and 2 black copper Marans. Now I have to wait for my chicken babies :jumpy
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    Hey there check out this thread, pretty active, lots of pics from people who have Meyer birds. I believe there are a few people on there with Marans.
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    Thank you for the thread link.
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    Today I picked up my my chicks from Meyers from the post office. I got 3 splash maran and 2 black copper. I ordered several other breeds. One was dead in the box, two look bad, all the other look great.

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