Meyer's Marans???

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    I got the Meyer Hatchery catalog yesterday--and they are offering Black & blue/rare colors of Marans? where are they getting them from, anybody know?

    When I first got back into chickens 2 years ago, I got a Cuckoo Marans from Meyer--my Myrtle. She lays an XL size brown egg but nowhere near what my breeder Welsummers lay as far as very dark brown eggs go.

    While she is fine for the purposes of "eating eggs", I would've been very disapointed with her egg color compared to what the "norm" of a Marans is "supposed" to be had I not known better (thanks to BYC!) . She is a consistent layer but will go broody--which is a plus, as I am putting her to work hatching ducklings this year.
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    I spoke with them yesterday. Their breeding stock for the Marans came from Gabbard (sp?) Farms.
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