MG/Coccidiosis in flock

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    Apr 29, 2014
    We have a flock of about 32 chickens of various breeds and ages, and therein lies our problem. We ignorantly brought home a full-grown bird from an acquaintance about a month ago without quarantining it, and the bugger has infected our flock with MG (we know it's MG as we had a serology panel run at the local veterinary college). This appears to have been a mild infection as far as MG goes (rales, sneezing, nasal discharge, no deaths), and we are treating with tetracycline as well. Now, because they were/are immunosuppressed from the MG infection, some of the chickens and some 5-week-old chicks we have in the nursery pen in the coop have become infected with coccidiosis (positive fecal smear), which we are treating with Corid.
    In another area of the property, we have 8 3-week-old silkie chicks. Due to the MG present in our other birds, we recognize that we now have a closed flock. I know these silkies were not immunized against MG or coccidiosis, as they came from a local farm. Does anyone know where to order these vaccines online for small flocks? The only site I found requires you order what basically equates to 1,000 doses.
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    Oh no! Sorry for such a late response! I hope they are all better by now!
    I don't know any place where you could get vaccines! Sorry!

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