Miami Township-Clermont County, Ohio--Any current or wannabe chicken owners?

Are your chickens legal or 'under the radar?

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7 Years
Nov 7, 2012

I am hoping to start a small (3-5) backyard hen flock at my home on 1.75 acres in Miami Twp (Clermont County) OH. I started by researching our zoning laws, which currently prohibit any livestock on less than 5 acres. They said that people have applied for exemptions, but all have been denied--even for only hens. I was told:

"If someone wants a change to our code, they must make application which involves the applicant researching and constructing the language change for the code, being sure it is defensible in court, going before the County Planning Commission, Miami Township Zoning Commission and the Miami Township Board of Trustees. There is a $300 application fee and there must be 20 copies of the application and new text with the new language"

Is there anyone in my township that might be interested in pursuing this with me?? I think the $300 application fee is pretty ridiculous, and am considering just asking my neighbors if they have an issue with it--and if not, just going for it. However, I don't want to invest in coop building, and get attached to my hens only to have to get rid of them so I'd rather be proactive.

If anyone has similar code ammendments they have submited to their township/municipalities that were successful, would you mind sharing them with me?

Thanks in advance!
Hi there!

Did anyone ever respond to you regarding this? How far have you gotten so far? I also live in Miami-Twp (45150) and am looking into having about 3-6 backyard hens for their eggs.

G -
I didn't get any replies on here. There is a yahoo/FB group called Cincinnati Backyard Chickens that has a lot if good info. You should join that group. One of the members shared a presentation/research he did to keep chickens legal in Montgomery that was great. In the end, I decided to go forward with "undercover" chickens that I'll be getting later this spring. Best of luck, however you proceed with your flock.
So you just asked them if it was ok and went ahead and built a coop and all? I think the ordinance is beyond silly. I mean who owns 5+ acres of land anymore?
Fantastic! Good to know. I get along pretty well with my current neighbors, but one of them is selling, so I may have to wait until they move in to do anything.
Hey there, my family is interested in getting chickens and down in Milford I've seen a couple houses on small lots with some. I also know quite a few people "under the radar" in Miami Township. I was told you had to have an acre by someone who asked. I guess that is not the case. Well, we were able to dispute our property value, guess we could put together some sort of presentation and language. Sounds pretty silly to do so but I'll have to check out what Milford's says.
I think you are fine in the city of Milford. Miami Twp. zoning is more restrictive, unfortunately.

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