mice eating finch eggs

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    a friend of mine has a great aviary setup and used to raise finches, but he has had problems in the past with mice raiding the nest boxes and eating the eggs and new hatched young. It is out in the country, and he will never be able to poison/trap/kill/drown/deter all the mice from the surrounding acreage. When he traps some, more just move in. He has all but quit raising birds because of it. I was wondering if any of you had any good mouseproof nest box setups you could share that I could pass on to him. He is about sick to death over it and really wants to raise finches.

    The one suggestion I made to him was to mount the nestboxes on a sheet of metal flashing screwed to the wall, and bend the top over so there was no way mice could get to the boxes. I told him I'd help him some day when we have time. We have not done it yet though. Any other ideas out there? Thanks, in advance, from David.
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    Just a thought:

    Could your friend mount the nests on a pole with a squirrel baffle to stop the mice? Or hang them from the ceiling?


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