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    This was sent to me by another group - thought that some of you guys might be interested. Amanda

    Due to a very bitter divorce we are selling our entire operation. We
    have 1200+ young laying hens. These hens were hatched in February 2008
    and began laying in July of this year. One thousand of them were
    purchased from Meyer hatchery in Polk Ohio as started pullets, they
    were vaccinated and debeaked. This batch is a mix of their golden
    buffs (red sex link) and their black sex link. We have 6-700 of the
    red sex links and 3-400 of the black sex link.

    The second batch of roughly 200 were raised by us and have not been
    vaccinated or debeaked. They are from Townline Hatchery and are
    Hubbard Isa Browns (red sex link).

    We are asking $5 a piece for the hens. We are negotiable for larger
    quantities and will consider all offers for the hens, supplies and
    equipment that we have.

    We also have around 30 hens that were hatched in October 2007 and
    roughly 120 older hens of mixed ages that are available.

    Any offers for the entire package will be considered.

    We are located in Webberville, Michigan 20 miles east of Lansing.

    Please contact us off list at [email protected] or phone at

    Jay Johnson Lisa Jones
    Topsy Turvy Acres LLC

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