Michigan no chickens in hampton twp


12 Years
Mar 17, 2010
essexville, michigan
My neighbors dog got into another neighbors chickens and killed one. Chicken owner took dog owner to court, citing local ordinances, If your property is titled residential, you can't have chickens. If your property is titled agricultural, you can have one for the homestead, and one for each acre that you farm. Chicken owner wasn't supposed to have chickens per twp ordinances. Now the authorities are knocking on doors looking for chickens and telling the owners that they have X number of days to get rid of them or suffer a township ordinance violation. Here where I live is farm land, across the street, next door to the east, behind the house, and I can't have chickens. The township has ordinances for everything. There is 125 ordinances in this township and I don't think any of them are enforced.But now they are telling me to get rid of my chickens. I'm ****** off. I hate it when the city moves out here to the country and wants everyone to play their games.
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