Michigan Poultry Fanciers - 2012 Spring Fowl Fest

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    Apr 17, 2011
    The Michigan Poultry Fanciers presents:

    The 2012 Spring Fowl Fest
    April 28, 2012
    Gratiot County Fair For Youth Fairgrounds in Alma, Michigan

    Judges: Gary Overton, Bob Gilbert, and pending

    The 2012 Spring Fowl Fest is being held in conjunction with
    The Michigan State 4H Poulty-Palooza Show.

    For a 4H Poultry-palooza Catalog, contact your local 4h staff or via the internet go to:
    http://4h.msue.msu.edu/4h/events/event/4h_poultry_palooza .

    4H entries will be automatically entered in the Fowl Fest and seperate Fowl Fest entry is not required. 4H entries close March 30, 2012.

    For non-4H participants, Fowl Fest show catalogs and entry forms are available via the internet at fowlfest.org . If you need a printed catalog, we will be happy to mail one to you. Please drop an email with your name and address to [email protected].
    Fowl Fest entries close at Noon, April 21, 2012.

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Goodells, Michigan
    The Alma Spring Fowl Fest is right around the corner.

    The American Serama Association will be making their debut in Michigan with an information table on the American Serama, items for sale, and live Tabletop demonstrations.

    The American Serama has been accepted into the ABA and APA in it's white varieties. Several other colors as described in the ABA color standards are in the works.

    Also making their debut is the Great Lakes Serama Association which is an informal group affiliated with the ASA (American Serama ASSOCIATION). We are the Michigan chapter, and there is also and Ontario chapter. Our goal is to help Michigan Serama lovers get to know each other, have some tabletop competitions for fun as well as at ABA/APA shows, and mostly: HAVE FUN!

    There will be straight run less than 1 week old chicks for sale as well as adult birds.

    Everyone come hang out.

    Feel free to contact me,

    Laureen Stanford
  3. raylastanford

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Goodells, Michigan
    The show is around the corner. What a great group running it.

    There are over 30 American Serama showing as well as many other breeds of poultry and waterfowl. Promises to be a terrific day.

    Grab the family and come on out!

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