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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
My Coop
My Coop
I know exactly what you mean by that.

Can you do anything with a snowblower?
Maybe, option is on my mind, but, it's a lot to clear...and I'll still need a riding mower.

Especially up near the road, where plow wash from road and shoulder can get prodigious.
This is from Feb 2014, when I had to hire a plow to knock down those piles so the thrower could throw over them again:


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Jun 10, 2012
Hope every one had a very happy Thanksgiving, we had 31 here was loud but a lot of fun. Darn rain kept us all in, had the fire pit ready to go but who wants to go sit in the rain, :(

Where is the spirit sanctuary? that is very pretty
Spirit Springs Sanctuary is on Dutch Settlement Rd Marcellus, MI. I don't have an exact box number. It is east of M40.
Does anyone need a Rooster/Cockerel?

I have a Blue Wheaten Malay cockerel who needs a new home. He's an extra I don't need, & would rather him get a new home, I don't want to butcher him.
What does he look like?


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Apr 20, 2011
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Dammitall! I gathered 3 eggs today and proceeded to break one in my coat pocket. :he My own fault for not taking the eggs to the house right away.
I was working wood piles and organizing the garage and about 6 other things all at the same time.

Anyway, I got the garage better organized to house my vehicles and the neighbor's golf cart. I even have room to walk and get to the work benches. I was outside for most of the afternoon and only came in when the cold became too much for my hands and my knee buckled on me. I did manage to get another bucket-load of firewood brought in to the house. Another two bucket-loads were stacked to season. It was snowing the entire time I was out doing chores. It's supposed to snow for most of the night. So far it has been a very light snow. No need to shovel, the broom worked fine. I will need to get some salt to take care of the icy patches. That will have to wait until my next SS allowance. I'm still learning how to make a budget. The darn surprise expenses sure mess that up. Oh well. What are you gonna do? :confused:

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Aug 7, 2020
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I'll be brooming the run off tomorrow.

I hope the wimpy netting over the neighbor's run holds up until they get back. :fl Maybe I can find another "propping up stick" to help keep it from caving.

DH was hand splitting some of the biggest logs from the trees. It's oak, so it splits well. He made half a dozen into quarters so that he could lift the onto the splitter. He said running it vertically was just too hard on the knees and back.

He's made a very nice, open, crisscrossed stack out of what he's split. It's gonna take a lot of wind to dry that stuff out; they were all living trees.

Sorry, trees. Thank you for not falling on the house all these years.

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