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Aug 21, 2009
Belding Michigan
my birds seem hesitant to go out of the run, lucky they have a very large run. I haven't seen many hawks but they have not ventured out for very long for over a month. Maybe having no rooster has made them less willing to venture out this time of year. May have had a hawk or two fly over that I didn't see.
We had snow turn to rain but everything seemed very icy. Tomorrow may be a bit slippery. Be careful driving if you have to go out!


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Apr 20, 2011
Paradise, MI
It sure is windy today. Cold too. Temperature remains at the freezing point. But the sun is out and melting the snow on the roof. I think I'll stay in for the rest of the day.

I saw the ortho doc this morning. He said that my knee doesn't need to be replaced. He did drain off some bloody fluid and injected some steroid. Knee feels better already. I can't kneel on it for 30 days. Or bump it or fall on it. I'll have to be careful.


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Mar 26, 2011
Upper Peninsula Michigan
Yes Raz, you have to be VERY careful. If you don't want to end up in the hospital again, at least. Good news though that you don't need a new knee yet.

I have one hen laying - my little bantam Speckled Sussex started laying a week or so ago, one little brown egg every other day, good girl!

The wind is howling here too, 3 ships anchored offshore to shelter from the gale. We got about 5" heavy, wet snow between afternoon yesterday and this am. Too heavy to shovel, so I cleared the way to the car, cleared the rest with the tractor at lunch. Still have to rake the run covering.

The cats thought they wanted to go out this morning, it was amusing to see them go down the shoveled path, then right back up on the porch. Each day they hopefully go outside looking for summer :lol:

Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
The chickens stayed in the coop a fair amount today. Even with a roof and protection from the west, they knew it was better in the coop. Tomorrow will be cold, and I bet they'll stay in again, or at least be in and out. Usually they're outside.

Another reason for more than 4 sf/chicken in the coop!


Jul 1, 2017
Upper Midwest, USA
I vaguely remember sunshine, from a tiny, little peek of it long, long ago.

Mocha is the only one that lays specked eggs. Today, the two brown eggs had no speckles, so the mystery of who is still laying is solved. Coco, Pepper, and Mocha are all laying. No white eggs in over a week, though.


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Dec 6, 2021
Dear All,

We are about hatch eleven Navogen chickens in few days. We incubated for educational purpose for the kids. We would like to offer them for free to someone who can take care of them. Please let me know if you are interested and live within 30 to 40 miles around 48375 zip code in Michigan. I can come and drop the chickens in two weeks.


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