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    Apr 22, 2008
    west Michigan
    Today is the first day we're posting here, put up some photos in the coop forum a little while ago. We live in Wyoming MI, and have some rural property in northern Mi, near Baldwin (Idlewild). My name is Toni, and my DH is Rick, he's been up north for several days working on a coop for the 17 chicks that we are starting a life with. [​IMG] We have 15 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, a Lab mix named Spanky. We're hoping to move to the Barn, as we call the place up north, permanently. Soon. But in the meantime we are just spending lots and lots of time there. As it gets warmer we'll be there more than here and that's why the coop is there. By the time the coop and run is done the chicks should be ready to transfer from the brooder. We do have a 3x3x6 cage that Rick built and the chickies are loving being in the sun in the back yard right now. Do any of you have any problems with your dogs and your chickens? Spanky seems entirely too excited by them, we aren't sure if we can trust her. Anyway, I can see that Rik and I are going to have a very good time here at this plae with y'all, thanks for having us.
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    Hey Curliet,

    Welcome! Eveyone here is really nice and helpful. Note that we have a huge MI thread going. You may want to hop over there and say HI.

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