michigans right to farm act ------LAWERS FOR!

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10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
am [gently] fighting [small] [remote] [u.p.] VILLAGE! does anyone know the name and phone number of the attorney ,in lansing?, that's expert on right to farm act of mi? I thought it was something like the victor grp. or? and can't find it. Am in Ontonagon, and not the favorite person that comes in the village office! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT? am disabled veteran and not computer pro. [email protected].............THANKS ALL,G.
Good luck

Look at the more recent posts on the Michigan Right to Farm, What does it mean? thread. Someone on there is a lawyer. Shoot her a private message.

I've always wanted to see Ontonagon county. I live in Arenac.

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