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10 Years
Jan 22, 2010
Today I weighed my little 20-week-old serama, Sabina. She weighed 7.9 oz. Should I assume that she will be classified a Micro, or will she potentially gain more weight? I've read that Micros typically have short lives. However, since she is at the upper limits, I am hoping this will not hold true for her. A difference I have noticed between Sabina and my other seramas is her inability to tolerate temperatures even in the 50s (for which she requires a heat lamp). Currently she is kept with a Class A hen and rooster. Is this okay, or should she be kept separate? Can anyone provide some guidance for me? Thanks!

By the way, the date on the pic is incorrect.


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
I suspect as she is only about 4 1/2 months old she will gain another 2-3 or so ounces.

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