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    what started out as aform of therapy to a different post turned into the most darling of pickled eggs lol
    I promised Terrylacy I would post pics of myresults of the micro therapy lol.
    I made 2 tiny jars using about 100 button quail eggs here is the result,
    I went looking for the second jar and it seems to have gone missing. AND i noticed this jar the seal was broken on hmmm hubby running amok again.


    For pickling quail eggs I use the same recipie as I would for chicken eggs.

    you can adjust this as needed:

    2 cups white vinegar
    1 cup water
    3 dill stalks
    2 garlic cloves ( or 1 tsp dried garlic flakes)
    2 tsp dried onion flakes
    1-2 hot peppers( I use super chilies).chopped or shredded( wear gloves when working with hotter peppers)
    3 good spins of the pepper mill
    1 tsp salt (optional)
    1 bayleaf( removed after heating)

    bring to a boil spoon enough veggi;s into each jar, pour brine over eggs, seal and water bath for 10 minutes.
    keep everyone away from pickling eggs as they seem to need to know how they are setting up, or want to get that first perfectly pickled egg before someone else does.

    forgot to add , I usually let them sit on the counter to age a bit before boiling, otherwise they are a bear to peel out.
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    That is the cutest little jar of pickled eggs I have ever seen!

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