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  1. Hi! I've always had some big shoes to fill in regard to Potato Salad --- my Moms' is and is always consistantly the BEST potato salad.
    Until recently, hahaha.
    Instead of boiling my potatoes, I microwave them (it's testy to see how long for the # of potatoes and the size).
    Make the dressing --- mine is mayo, sweet pickles, onions, boiled eggs, more vinegar if too thick, *seasoned with salt and pepper and a sprinkle of dry mustard.
    Let the microwaved potatoes cool til handle-able, and cut to 'salad-sized' pieces. Mix well and serve warm or chilled (we like it either way)
    The still-warm DRY potatoes suck up the dressing and makes for a FABULOUS Potato Salad.
    (*since the potatoes are cooked unsalted in their skins, they can take a bit more salt in the dressing)

    It's a silly thing, but I'm so happy to be able to make a Potato Salad we like better than my Moms (and hers is great).

    Tom always likes to remind me of the first time I went to a function at his parents and I picked up the bowl of potato salad off the dining room table after I tasted it, and took it to the kitchen because 'I thought it might be spoiled' --- it was made with dill pickles instead of sweet pickles, hahaha, and I'd never heard of/tasted that. One of his sisters makes it that way and they eat it.
    I still think dill pickles in potato salad is *just wrong*.

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    I use microwave baked potatoes also! I don't like a thick chunky potato so I let them cool and use a fork to scrape them out of the shell. It makes a much more creamy potato salad [​IMG]

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