Mics Chicks- For Sale- SW Missouri- Pick Up only

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Got alot of these guys because the feed store told me it was common to lose a few. Well they all survived lol, and now I have just too many for what I am wanting.

    I *Believe* these are what breeds they are, no guarentee. They are feed store chicks from Joplin, MO Tractor Supply. They are from 3-4 weeks for the younger, and 4-5 weeks for the older, they show early signs of their sex, but not 100% sure. Currently live indoors in brooder, as weather has been too nasty and cold to go outside yet. All healthy, eating and drinking well. Very active and learning to roost on perches.

    1 White Leghorn Young Roo (Older)
    1 Buff Orphington Young Roo (Younger)
    1 Silver Laced Wyanndotte Young Roo (Younger)
    8 Buff Orphington pullets (5 older, 3 younger)
    1 EE, Believed to be Pullet (Older)

    Handled Daily, all friendly except leghorn Roo, He is skittish but can be handled. $2 each for the Roo's. $3 each for the pullets. Pick-up only, or can meet within reasonable distance. Have pictures of all listed birds, message if interested.
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