Mid-MO 8 swell Dominique cockerels free for pets or frying


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
Jefferson City, MO
6 wk old Dominique cockerels:
If you're seen my posts under a different topic you know I got a batch of SR Dominiques from a classroom egg hatching project and 9 appear to be cockerels. They are almost 6 weeks old now and starting to argue and get overcrowded in the tractor I built them, but I can't easily seperate them yet as our coop/run building is stalled by incessant rain and I really just want laying hens. I am keeping one and offering the rest for free to anyone who'd like one or all. Cackle describes Dominques as a dual purpose breed, and I think they are really neat. My kids and I handle them daily so if anyone wanted one to keep I think they'll be "good 'uns." Otherwise, I'm okay with them getting eaten, I just don't want to do it!

I can't ship, but you may PU or I could meet you depending on loigistics.

Location: Jefferson City, MO
OR I am planning to go to the Poultry Show April 19th I think at Sedalia and could meet someone there w/them.

They are good guys, I am just a sexist and prefer girls!

PS Good learning experience for me: don't buy straight run chicks if you don't want any roosters....

Edited to add an updated photo. Here is one of the guys today on a visit outside during the first sunny day in weeks!
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