Mid-price but QUALITY incubator for 50+ eggs?? (Australia)


Jan 5, 2021
Hi all

I've browsed through a lot of posts, and I know there's so many that are similar, but I'm still looking for info.

I've been using Janoel incubators and I'm looking to go the next step up in terms of quality. I really want something reliable with high hatch rates. Auto turn is a must. I don't mind fiddling around a bit too get humidity right, but I want the temp to be really reliable.

We're going to be setting our own eggs (around 25-35/week) and I'm thinking of having one larger incubator for two weeks worth (50-70 eggs) and another incubator to hatch in (20-30 eggs). Unless I can do weekly setting and hatching in the one incubator (100 eggs). Or have three incubators each holding a week's worth.

I was hoping to spend around AUD400-800. But I'm not sure if it's better to spend more.

I will have a mix of bantam and Standard size eggs, if this makes a difference.

Some brands I've been looking at:

Greatlander Offspring 51 Auto $400
Seems good but I haven't read much feedback from users

Borotto Real 49 $630-$750
Seems to get good reviews

IM and Brinsea are over $1000 for a 54/56 egg

Rcom pro 50 $990

Any thoughts please!


Crossing the Road
Mar 19, 2020
South-Eastern Montana
Well, i have a 56 one that has quirks but was about 90 bucks before shipping. So far it's okay. I'm not sure what it's actually called though since every website that sells it has a different name

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