midget white,bourbon red or royal palm?


9 Years
Jul 26, 2010
I'm thinking about one of these breeds. I want a small hen right now. It must get along with my chickens. And also be friendly. Which one would you prefer and why?
In the spring after we enlarge our pen i'd like to get a Tom.
I'm looking just for pets. Maybe raise some babies. The midgit white is what i really want but can't find them where I live. Next i thought about the palm cause it's smaller but read that they are high strung. Red bourbon are a little more friendly but what do you think?
I have seen no difference in breeds as far as how friendly they are. It has to do with how you raise them. I raise mine in my house. They see me all day and all are friendly regardless of color.
I don't know where Orange VA is but we are in Eastern,NC and just happen to be sitting on a few turkeys. The Bourbons are the most curious and people friendly, Midgets next and Palms last. The thing with turkeys is if you raise them from poults the amount of time you spend with them will be a key factor in how they are to you. With that being said that cute little tom that likes to sit on your lap will grow to be a 20 to 30 pound tom and like to do the same thing. lol We have pics on our website if you want to look and compare them.

that cute little tom that likes to sit on your lap will grow to be a 20 to 30 pound tom and like to do the same thing

I agree with Steve. My Bourbons are by FAR more friendly and curious than the Midgets. They're really a pain in the butt because they all think they're pets and they'll come knock on the front door to get me to come feed them and love to sit under the car with Greg when he's trying to work on it. They sit there and coo at him asking him what he's doing and will there be food soon.
The Midgets LOOK like they're going to be a meatier bird for their size. They're chestier and squatty looking while the Bourbons are more stream-lined with a Peacock type body. Can't help you with the Palms, they're pretty enough though.
I was working on part of the pen and of course all the BR hens came to see what was going on. Trying to hammer a nail with them pecking at the nail and the hammer was lots of fun. I just knew I was going to bash one but we worked it out.


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