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    This auction is for 12+ Midget White turkey hatching eggs.

    Price is $100 but I offer volume discounts as well as 4H and FFA savings.

    The eggs are available now. This action is not a presale. My flock is laying very well and fertility is good. The pictures shown are of my actual breeding birds laying the eggs you are purchasing.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Thanks, Mike

    A bit about Midget White turkeys: I find Midget White turkeys to be the perfect homesteading bird: superior vigor, hardy and efficient at fleshing out on pasture with minimum feed inputs. You can read more about the Midget White’s quality as a homesteading bird many places on the web- Mother Earth News is a great resource. These turkeys are considered one of the finest tasting and have one several taste test competitions. The ALBC lists Midget Whites as “critical”.

    About my flock: My breeding flock consists of fifteen hens and two toms. I hatch between 75 and 100 poults for myself each year and choose only be best birds as breeders. I select my breeding birds for vigor, small/compact bodies with a good body type for the table. It is important to me to stay true to the breed’s origins of being small in size, yet vigorous. My birds free range on open pasture. I am the fifth generation to manage my family farm.

    Fertility: Since I hatch throughout the year I check my eggs periodically to ensure fertility and viability. At last check (2/2/13) the fertility rate is 80%, which is acceptable for turkeys. Note that shipped eggs tend to have a lower hatching rate than eggs hatched on-site, so I cannot guarantee successful hatching of all eggs. To ensure best hatching rates, eggs are gathered twice per day. My eggs are not washed or refrigerated before shipment as doing so would severely reduce hatch rates.

    Shipping: I ship on Monday and Tuesdays only. This ensures the eggs arrive in a timely manner and don’t have to sit at the USPS over a weekend. Eggs are shipping Express (next day delivery) or Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery) via the USPS. The choice is yours. When I buy eggs for myself I always choose Express. I can combine shipping- please contact me for details.

    Packaging: Eggs are individually bubble-wrapped and securely packaged to protect them during shipping. Boxes are clearly marked “FRAGILE, HATCHING EGGS, NO X-RAY”. If you would like to add heat packs to your boxes I can do so at an additional charge of $5. However, I have always had good success without the use of heat packs and don’t use them when I receive eggs for myself. The option is yours.

    Care of poults: Turkey poults require higher brooding temps and higher protein feed (28%) than chicks. Please read up on raising poults as they are different than chicks!

    Hatching services: I do offer hatching services on a limited basis. If you don’t have the capacity to incubate your own eggs please contact me and we can discuss your options. I can ship your hatched poults to you.

    4H and FFA youth discount: I offer a 15% discount to youth in 4-H and/or FFA. Contact me for details.
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