Midnight majesty marans


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Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
I recently purchased some Midnight Majesty Maran chicks from my local Rural King store. I had never heard of this breed before and I can’t seem to find much information about them. They were labeled as hybrids so that generally means good egg layers? Can anyone educate me as to the origin and characteristics of this strain?
Hi there. :frow

They are a brand new *breed* (cross breed or variety may be more accurate) being produced by ONLY one of the hatcheries this year. Hybrid basically mean they will not breed true. They are supposed to produce a larger number of the darker Marans colored eggs than most Marans bred to the standard of perfection. And they are being offered at a very affordable price compared to the French black copper or other American Poultry Association accepted colors... which this one likely is not, may effect if you plan to show but otherwise shouldn't be an issue.

This is my understanding anyways. I hadn't read they were sex linked. :pop

Look like lovely birds! :love

ETA: I think they are also supposed to be a bit lighter on the feed bill.

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