Midnights story- Outcasted RPers only!

Chapter 1

A figure stood atop the hill that poured down into the valley. Walls of stone, it was okay to spend the night. Her silhouette bright against the burning of the moon.
The girl scanned the valley with cold eyes. She did not move, nor speak. She was even still when the wind blew across the fields, blowing her hair to the side. The stones were very sharp under her feet, causing her to bleed, her blood trickling down the hill onto the grass below. She did not say anything or react. She was very much in pain already. She reached the bottom. A small silver flame of moonlight lit the valley. "This is the home of the Outcasted!" She cries.
A breeze ran across the valley, and a voice rang in her ear. 'Thy name?' It asked.
A bell rang twelve times in the darkness.
"I am Midnight. Ripped free of my former life, reborn again at midnight. I am Midnight, and I am the leader of the Outcasted." She calls.
And the soft hush of the rain coming from the sky, and softly falling onto her blonde hair, soaking it with rain.
"Midnight." She whispered, as the slow whisper of rain fell to the ground below.

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