Might be moving from Oregon to Sacramento Valley (Folsom? Granite Bay? Roseville?). I have questions

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    Jan 6, 2011
    My husband, children, and I are headed your way over spring break to check out the area. My husband got approved to move his same job to Folsom. We're Oregon born and raised, but had a lifetime of rain and mud. Ready for a change.

    Looking for good schools, asbestos free house, and more sun/dry than Portland has to offer. I'd love to discuss schools and housing, but let's get REAL. It's all about the chickens. I currently have 7 lovely healthy young ladies between 1 and 2 yrs old. Of course they are part of the family and I would love to bring them with us, but not sure I can get them across the Cali border. I do have housing for them here if we have to leave them behind *sniff*.

    At any rate, you can bet we'll be getting more ladies on the flip side if moving is what we decide to do. My biggest question is how do you keep them cool with all that heat? I would love to see your coops and runs. My chickens are miserable if the thermostat goes above 85!

    Have you heard of anyone getting them across the border?

    Are nicer neighborhoods likely to have HOA's that don't allow them. We are most interested in Granite Bay, though we won't be in a 1.5 million dollar house there. I wish!

    I would love to hear any and everything good and bad about living and poultry ownership in the Sacramento Valley!

    Thank you![​IMG]
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    Guinda CA
    I was hoping that you would get some replies from the Folsom area. I'm NW of Sacramento. Post on the California thread. There are also multiple threads for N CA, Foothills, Gold Country etc. Post on those and that should get you some answers.

    I can't believe that you want to move from OR to here. I would love to live in OR.
    Check the CDFA regulations for importing poultry. I would think that you would be able to bring your chickens, maybe with a health certificate.

    The open air style coop is what works best for the heat. Having some of the sides enclosed to keep them dry during the winter is good, with one side open for ventilation.

    I have never lived in the Folsom Granite Bay area but would guess that HOAs are probably an issue. See if you can find people on the other CA threads who can help. I know there are people who have chickens in those areas so there must be a way.

    Good luck and best wishes,
  3. Pharm Girl

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    Jan 6, 2011
    Finally a reply! I agree, I need to switch threads. I've spent the last 41 years in the mud and moss. Ready for a change in climate. Sac Valley is not my first choice of places to live, it's just where the work is for my husband. The rain and grey day after day gets old fast!
    I'll check into the rules for getting the ladies across the check points.

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