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I have about 16 chickens that are free range. I don't know how many acres we have but quite a few. Unfortunately, rather than enjoying the fields and woods, my chickens have started to wander on to our neighbours property (unfortunately the coop is pretty much on the border between the two properties.

Up until now there have been no real problems but today the neighbour complained that the chickens are annoying and that he does not want to see them on his property. I can understand where he is coming from but it seems a little excessive to take the position he has.

Anyway on with the question.

I don't want to fence the chickens in so is there other any way controlling their movements. I could move the coop to the other side of the property I suppose but I am a little busy right now.

Any suggestions?

I would move the coop far away from that border with that neighbor. I would do everything you can to keep them on your property. If they won't stay on your property the only thing left to do is to coop them all the time except when you are there to watch them.
Well, you can try to fence them in and moving across the yard with the coop, but if they found a good place and know how to get back, they might need to be kept in via fence. Might try to move the coop as far as you can from the offending area first.

If they have been crossing borders for a long time. Neighbor may have finally had enough and decided to tell you now. Sometimes it takes a bit for them to say something. At least he didn't do something like shoot them on his property or catch them and relocate them.
You could free-range them in the afternoons only so they don't have time to wander too far before it gets dark and they go home to roost.

I think people generally like chickens (your neighbor). what they don't like is chicken poop everywhere on their property I'm guessing.

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