Mike's Potato Pancakes

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    Saturday Morning, cat getting sick everywhere, two adolescent roosters crowing in the same spare bedroom. We needed something to flip this day around. The wife showed me a photo of smoked salmon over potato pancakes. I thought HEY we have the stuff for this. So we pulled a small portion of smoked salmon out of the freezer and I got on the internet looking at a dozen or so recipes. Took the best of them all and made these. I had Smithfield Maple Bacon in the house and sautéed the pancakes in a combination of the bacon grease and corn oil. NOT too much oil but enough to get a crispy result. I am sure anyone desiring a lower fat version could use cooking spray, but hey this is FEEL GOOD FOOD, fat equals flavor.

    mis en place

    2 large white potatoes
    1 small onion
    2 scallions
    2 eggs beaten
    1/4 cup or more of Bisquick
    1/2 Tsp Salt

    Grate the potatoes with an old style box grater into a bowl. Grate the peeled onion into the bowl. Now dump the contents of the bowl into a fine mesh strainer with a bowl under it. Squeeze the potato mixture to remove as much water as possible - set aside a few minutes, then carefully pour off the water but leave the potato starch in the bowl. Dump potato mixture into bowl, add chopped scallions, salt, beaten eggs and the Bisquick. Combine very well, I used a baker's spatula (a 3x5 card like thing) to really dredge up the potato starch. Use your hands to really get the whole thing combined. Cook off your bacon (or sausages). Add about 1/4 cup corn oil to the bacon pan once the bacon is cooked. Bring up oil on medium heat. With your hands grab about 1/2 cup of the mixture and form into a messy patty. VERY CAREFULLY lay the potato mixture into the hot oil, try to lay it AWAY from you - I stood to the SIDE of the pan away from it. Press patty down well with spatula until nice and thin. Saute a couple minutes until golden brown, flip VERY CAREFULLY with a spatula - agains stand off to the side of the pan to avoid getting splattered by the hot oil. Brown that side and then remove to a large platter lined with paper towels to absorb grease. Repeat until all are done. Serve with a dollop of sour cream, some chopped chives or scallions as a garnish and some applesauce. We used fruit preserves as we had no applesauce in house... These can be a tasty brunch item or serve more for a hearty dinner with some roasted chicken.

    Left: potato pancakes with Smithfield Bacon & preserves - Right: potato pancakes with smoked salmon and preserves. Sour Cream garnish

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    Looks Yummy!!
    Once in awhile ya just have to treat yourself with something sinful!!
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    Do you ever grate your potatoes into water so they won't turn grey when they cook?
    Your pancakes look awesome.
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    Quote:I never wait that long - and in the case of this recipe you want to REMOVE water from the potatoes (a surprising amount actually) - I grated the two large potatoes I had and then the onion immediately after it - and then pushed all that into a fine mesh strainer and squeezed the dickens out of it - it was pretty wet. Let it set a few minutes and was amazed at the amount of water and starch that were there. I simply drained off the excess water and put the potato/onion mixture into that bowl. Then the beaten eggs, scallions and Bisquick. I got about 8 pancakes out of it and I had the leftovers for lunch. Quite tasty. I used to have a "mandolin" - a french device that allows quick slicing of vegetables into a myriad of shapes, and when I'd make scalloped potatoes would get a little browning while assembling the dish, but nothing drastic. While in the Army and working in restaurants I peeled my share of potatoes and yeah we worked in a big plastic bucket of water so the peeled ones wouldn't oxidize.

    I'm sure there are more authentic variations to my recipe - I really looked at about a dozen recipes and there seemed to be a pretty consistent process which I followed.

    Do make these - you can easily substitute flour for the Bisquick if you don't have it - most folks have potatoes and onions and eggs in the house. SOOOO GOOD. My wife had 2nds !!
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    Looks delicious !!!!!
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    Thats kind of like how I make Latkes only I use flour instead of Bisquick. You can also make potato pancakes out of left over mashed potatoes. Either way yummy. Yours looks good. Maybe I'll make Latkes today.
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    Looks delicious!!!! LOVE sour cream on potato cakes. MMMMM
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    Quote:Looks so yummy, the recipe is interesting and easy, thanks for sharing, I'm gonna try this recipe..

    Yummy Nasi Lemak [​IMG]
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    Looks fabulous Sensei!

    My mom has been making potato pancakes for many years now, every now and then... they really are good! I like mine dipped in applesauce and on the other side of my plate ketchup, so I can alternate [​IMG]

    I didn't know about removing the moisture, mom just makes hers fresh and adding the eggs... they come out crispy outside and moist inside, I love them that way, but I'll suggest the moisture removal to her as she loves hers crispy! Mom grinds some fresh pepper in the mix and it really just adds to it (though I usually dislike pepper).. she uses the flour method.
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    Well, well Squishy !!

    Boy long time no see... I hope all is well with you, your Ma and all the aminals (purposely misspelled).
    Yeah I slip a little fresh cracked pepper in mine, if my wife saw that in my printed recipe she wouldn't eat them, but she's not aware it is in there when she did eat them. It's a "if you don't know it's there it won't hurt you" thing.
    So as Ricky Ricardo would say "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do" - re: your whereabouts and absence. I am glad to see you posting and will now go check out the thread you started...

    Be Cool...


    )our latest acquisition: Ivy the baby kitty, hiding under the bed in his basket of toys)

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