Mild eye infection. What to do?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cdnley, Oct 24, 2011.

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    My duck, Daisy, seems to have an eye infection. It started a while ago where there is some white gunk in the corner of her eye. They free range in the day and it seemed to clear out (as in I couldn't see any gunk). I kept them in their pen yesterday and today her eye is back to gunk in it, as well as I could tell she was rubbing it as she was dirty on that side of her head.

    So aside from fresh water to wash her face in what medicine would you suggest to clear it out? There are a lot of regular vet's out here to contact but I want to ask the "duckperts" first. Oh and what you normally would pay for the medicine. Some vet's really like to jack up the price and vary from place to place.

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    I don't know nuthin' about ducks, but I do know that you can use saline solution for bird's eyes as far as a wash. I also know I used Terramycin (sp?) on my Serama rooster's eyelid and it was safe. But, his was an injury, not an infection only. Good luck, I'm sure someone can give better advice.
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    You can wash out with some saline in addition to providing clean water for your duck to dunk her head in. I have used neosporin on my ducks. I have also read on the forum that it can be used directly in the eye, but I would be careful to use the one without the pain relief ingredient in it. I tried it with one of my chickens who had a swollen and crusty eye, and it cleared his problem up after a few days of applying it twice a day. They sell triple antibiotic ophthalmic ointment in some pharmacies which is basically the same ingredients but I suppose extra purified. I would say try an ointment first before considering any kind of oral antibiotic.

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