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Apr 5, 2010
Edge of the Bakken

Jan 2011 (last year)

Our winter so far has been surreal. The mild conditions have given everything from me to my birds and all the wild life a big break going into late winter, however it IS only mid Jan and spring is far away around here.

Yeah, it's the same here in Ohio too. We're going to pay for this later though...nothing is for free.

Blizzards in May, anyone?

ugh, I hope not.
Oh tell me about it! We've been so spoiled here in Wisconsin this winter! We've had some snow and icy crap but it's mostly melted (all except some major ice build up on the driveway of course). It was above 50 the last 2-3 days and today is upper 40s. Everything is melty and sunny and nice. Too bad my area is set for 7-9 inches between tonight and friday morning :( Told DH we have to get the plow truck fueled up and the snow blower ready to go tonight. It's the first time this winter I've had to say that! Crazy! Gonna be diggin out animals tomorrow! Not fun!
was hoping that we payed for it already in the past 3 winters. I would think we deserve an "open" one but as we know spring is still far off. Ive used my snow shovel about 4 times all winter compared to 3 times a week the last couple of winters. When there is snow on the ground and the wind changes direction and blows 15 to 35 mph maybe twice a week( normal winter conditons) and blows in all my shoveled areas.
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