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Oct 27, 2008
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so I've been thinking recently that I might want to have a career that is somehow involved in the military. but I have joint problems and am flatfooted, meaning that I would never get into the actual military, and either way I don't think I would want to. but I do want to support my country in some way.

so my question is this: does anyone know any careers that would work for me? I'm probably going to major in political science, psychology, communication, or a combination of 2 of these. (im a freshman, haven't decided yet)
My husband is flat footed and just retired from the military. My dad was flat footed also and he served time in Vietnam.

Talk to a recruiter anyway. You might still be able to join the military.
I have other joint problems and have a lot of trouble running except very short distances, or walking for extended periods of time. and I can't run very fast at all. and there is a good chance I will develop arthritis in my 20s.

I don't think actual combat or anything like that would work out.
doesn't mean you can't be a combat engineer, or a computer tech, communications maven, or a corpsman. You don't have to be infantry to serve your country.

PS, logistics was my second career
Non combat.
A lot of careers connected to the military are staffed by, run by and started by retired military. You will have a leg up if can manage to serve at least a 3 year stint.

My son is currently in the army. He wants to be a chef. He is a cook at Ft Riley. Good training.

A girl he grew up with wants to be a nurse. She joined the army for the free training. If she went the civilian route, it would have taken longer and cost her a small fortune.

Now if your physical issues really prevent you from joining (though flat feet aren't a problem. Seriously), get your degree in a high tech field and make sure you can get a high level security clearance.
True but even then you still have PT test. My husband retired Army and you have to take a PT test once a year.
ya, everyone has a pt test, but it really isn't that bad
My feet are flat. I used to even have a club foot that was surgically fixed when I was 15 years old. The doctor said I would develop arthritis in may ankles and not be able to walk by the time I was 50. I joined the Marines. I wasn't a good runner, but they got me into shape, and I learned to run. It made my joints stronger. I'm 47 now, and I walk and run just fine. You don't know if they will reject or no until you go and try.

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