Military Chickens?


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Hello, I've been researching chickens for a bit now (found this site through the chickens for dummies book) and am really looking forward to the day I'll be able to get some. Here's the thing though, my husband is joining the army. (ASVAB on Tuesday!) I've been trying to find any form of information about keeping chickens on base (we would most likely be living on base - at least for the first term of his service, he plans to make a career of it) but so far really haven't found anything. I know we wouldn't stay on the same base forever - so my run and coop would be detachable from each other and small enough to move around, I also only plan on 4-5 chickens max. Does anyone know from experience about keeping chickens on base? I've found rules for dogs and such - and the recruiter told me my rabbits would be no problem, but I'm curious about the chickens. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I very much doubt that chickens are allowed on base, having lived on base as a child. That said, you definitely need to talk to a non-recruiter person at the base where you'd be moving. Ask them, and if they're not allowed, ask about off-base housing.
Not 100% sure with the Army, but it may not be up to the base but on the company who controls the housing. At Fairchild the housing is controlled by a separate company that says only 2 pets, max. From what I also have gathered from my coworkers, both the company AND other people living on base tend to be a bit...OCD on keeping everybody in check with the rules.
I have heard about the 2 pet limit. So I would wait to get the chickens until after my bunnies pass away - which hopefully will be quite a few years away! I figured I'd have to check with the base, but we have no idea which base that will be at this point. So I thought perhaps theres someone here who's either had chickens, or was told no or something about them. I'm one of those weird people who study a subject endlessly before getting the animal

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