Milk and Baby Chicks ?

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    Sep 4, 2008
    I have access to fresh, raw milk. It is extremely healthy stuff, and even my lactose intolerant wife can drink it and enjoy it.

    My adult chickens also drink plenty of raw milk. We get some of the "old" milk (it is only several days old, but the law does not allow them to sell the milk if it is like 48 or 72 hours out of the cow, even if it has been refrigerated the entire time) from the same dairy farmer. And even though the milk is supposedly old, it is still quite safe and healthy for the adult chickens to drink. Raw milk -- unlike pasturized milk -- can be quite healthy for chicken consumption many days after coming out of the cow. My birds drink it regularly, and my eggs are of a superior quality because of it.

    But I am wondering about little baby chicks.

    I have 25 baby chicks coming in April, and I am wondering how soon I can feed them raw milk. I'm figuring I will start them on the same fresh milk that my family drinks, rather than the older milk that the older birds drink.

    How soon can baby chicks drink milk?

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