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    Aug 16, 2013
    Northern England
    Ok so introductions...where to begin, well I am Kaz and I live in the Northern half of England with my two children and my newly acquired kitten and Chooks (shout outs to anyone else from a similar area).We're very new to this indeed only having two pullets and being their owner for just over a week now.
    Kind of fell into this. I was considering keeping Chooks earlier this spring, but thought myself a little daft after mentioning it to friends and such. I let the thought go adrift...then I saw a small coop advertised locally a couple of weeks ago, in need of some repair, but thought it could be a project to get it and a run ready to go and maybe get chicks for next spring...
    as it was the seller was selling for his brother who could no longer care for them and he and his Mother had been doing thier best. They had a cock a big hen and two smaller pullets (he told me they were both around 18 weeks, but I suspect Eggs is a little younger) still living in the small coop down the side of the house. The cock and older hen had already been found homes, but the younger birds had not and I felt really bad. Like I would be making them homeless :( I took them with the coop and am learning by adapting, reading and improvisation.We have dutifully called them Eggs and Bacon. Bacon being the bigger of the two and Eggs who is currently (I presume and am hoping) moulting.

    Once the coop and enclosure had arrived I realised that it was in a worse state than first thought even with inspection! For now I have jetwashed it, sawn the legs level and replaced hinges thereabouts. No idea what they have painted it with, but it isn't water based and I do not think its fact I think it may be a creosote/creocoat deal. It is awful....anyway I have added a tarp over the roof of the coop and covering half the enclosure in one big section using bungee cords as the roof needs repair and I thought at least they can eat out of the rain as its created a porch type area too. (camping stuff came in useful!)
    Also dusted them and the coop before adding some straw to the nestbox and they are currently being wormed and having treats such as greens...they also didn't have a perch so I have improvised for now at least...shouldn't have bothered as they apparently loved to sleep in the nest box especially Eggs. Since I figured out why I was having to clean the nestbox out daily I have been blocking the nestbox off from the inside in the evening to encourage her to they are both sleeping on the floor. Typical!
    It is very noticable to me that the enclosure is not big enough. It is only 1m x 2m ish and I am beginning to ponder whether it is worth renovation at all... Am hoping to build a better enclosure and coop and already have various plans in my minds eye to give Bacon and Eggs a better, more comfortable home. Even if it may be on a budget or over time.
    They are well loved already and free roam the back garden if at home. At first I thought Bacon was was the more outgoing, but Eggs is the cheekier one. I think they are now settling a lot more of which I am glad :)

    Also the first day they found a frog in the back garden and lovingly decapitated it and then fought over it...oh and I am amazed by how much poo they actually produce...these two points alone are probably why my 4 year old boy loves them already too. Strange lad.


    Here they are the day they came. Don't worry they have a proper feeder and drinker now after I went out for supplies...though to be honest - think I should have bought hanging ones, nevermind eh. Lesson learnt...My problem is getting close enough to give them a proper look over. I have never really handled large birds before and we are in the getting to know and trust you stage they are blooming fast! Am sure we'll get there.

    Hope I don't become a PITA if I do end up asking lots of questions or jumping on posts with additional ones of my own and a mad hello to you all [​IMG] xxx
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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]I'm not a great guesser but if they are the same age, it seems the one on the left side, could be a male. His comb is larger and he has wattles. You could post photos of both on them on "what gender of breed is this." It would also help to know their age.
  6. Milkapple

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    Aug 16, 2013
    Northern England
    Aw shucks thanks for the lovely welcome guys.
    Really hope that Bacon is not male as my neighbours may not approve, but it wouldn't surprise me if she does turn out to be a he shall have to try and get a decent pic :) x
  7. Milkapple

    Milkapple Out Of The Brooder

    Aug 16, 2013
    Northern England
    You know what I think I may have been in denial and Bacon is a cock still need a amuskets of decent pics though lol x
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    Greetings from Kansas and [​IMG]! Great to have you with us!
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Glad you joined us!

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