Milking my new goat? why she is all hopping around now??!?!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by ohiofarmgirl, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. ohiofarmgirl

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    Jan 22, 2009
    yikes! so i got my goat - a lovely saanen named Evita who we've enjoyed very much. its the best thing we've done for our small farm.

    everything was going great - wonderful milk, easy temperament.. perfect. until a couple nights ago. now when we are up on the milk stand she is all hopping around. she hadnt done this before so i'm worried if something is wrong? she isnt sick, not visible injuries, i'm not doing anything different, i've made sure its very quiet.. but now she is all hoping around and she even put her foot into the (full) milk bucket! oh no! well the hens got the bucket.

    the previous owner had a 'real' stanchion and i just use a small platform and have her tethered to the side of the barn wall. at first i gave her both grain (16%sweet feed from TSC) and hay while we were milking. but she seemed to be throwing the hay around and going after that one small leaf way over there. so i went to just grain. which helped a bit but i dont know if i'm taking too long or if maybe she figured out she could dance around? or did i hurt/scare/whatever her?

    any thoughts? Chirpy are you out there????
  2. Skyesrocket

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    Mar 20, 2008
    It could be that the hay was keeping her busy while you were milking and now she has found a new hobby. Give her the hay again and see if she stands still.
    Check her teats for chapping. She can be sore. But I suspect she is just trying you out.
    Another thing, do you have barn cats gathering around while you milk? Mine don't like when the cats get too close behind them while being milked.
  3. chook pen jen

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    Jan 24, 2009
    Collie W.Australia
    I had a goat that liked putting her back foot in the bucket ,so I made some velcro ties for her back legs, attatch one both sides of the milking stand , she got the message real fast. hope this helps you. [​IMG]
  4. ohiofarmgirl

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    Jan 22, 2009
    thanks - this helps so much. i keep thinking "ohmigosh i've broken the goat!!!" over, of course, every little thing.

    my barncat has been catting around more now that he sees she isnt scary and ......i suspect we might be trying to figure out who is the boss goat between me, my minimanchas, and our new gal.

    i'll keep the barn cat back, determine my resolve, and work on the 'foot holders' to see if that helps. i'm sure she isnt chapped as i've been extremely careful - but my hands are like sandpaper so i'll do something about that before i go to 'squeeze her'

    wish me luck - here i go to milk!
  5. reallemons1

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Gloucester, VA
    One of my girls stomps really bad. She does this even while she is eating. I put the velcro hobbles on her then she stomps with both feet together. So then I snap a lead rope on the hobbles stretch her out a bit to get to the utter better and tie her down to the back legs of the milking stand. She gives up the fight pretty quick. I thought she would learn to behave but she still does it. She is otherwise easy to handle and quite friendly. It's very frustrating.
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  6. Broke Down Ranch

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    Apr 18, 2007
    Quote:I have 2 that are exactly like that. DH has to come out and hold them while I milk. All that's gonna change when I get my hobbles next week. I like the idea of tying them down - I was trying to figure out how to go about that but I wasn't sure if it would work or if they would manage to dislodge the hobble. I guess now I know it works.... [​IMG]

    I think Skyesrocket has the answer. She's bored and testing to see who is herd queen. So as soon as you get it across that you won't put up with her monkey business she'll do fine. Some girls like those 2 of mine never learn and don't care but your girl sounds like she isn't like that....
  7. ohiofarmgirl

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    Jan 22, 2009
    it worked!!! whew! guess i didnt break the goat after all.

    i used everyone suggestions - including thinking to myself 'i am the boss goat' while i was milking away, i made sure our barn cat stayed back and as soon as he sauntered over she started hopping around. i gave Mr Cat some loving baby talk and when she saw that i wasnt screaming about the 'mountain lion' she kind of calmed down... and then also i doled out the grain in smaller amounts to keep her occupied.

    looks like i just needed to get my goats..ducks... in a row. if it keeps up i'll use the hoof holders but i think i just need to be the boss goat ALL of the time. and - she gave a big amount of milk this time

  8. Skyesrocket

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Good for you! It's very hard to break a I know what you mean. Another thing to do is rub your hands together to warm them up, the goat appreciates it.
    The biggest mistake I made was to go right from milking the goat to pouring some of it into the cats bowl as a treat. Once the cats figured out where the milk was coming from it was a real pain keeping them back while I was milking.
  9. Chirpy

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    May 24, 2007
    I just found this post. So glad that you got it all figured out. Good job!

    Just for info. in case others have the same experience as you and the above help doesn't solve their problem: Some other possibilities as to why a doe all of a sudden starts messing around on the milk stand:

    1) Mastitis.. if her teats/udder are sore she won't want to be milked.

    2) She got scared on the milk stand and needs a few days or milkings to help her realize she's not in danger. My daughter milked my goat one night and my daughter got scared. I think that transferred to my doe; she jumped around on the stand for two days after that before settling down again.

    3) There is something new or different around the milk stand. If you move it or move something around it a goat can get very leery and be afraid of the change. Goats don't usually like change - they are creatures of habit. When we moved some boards and tools in the barn I had one doe that wouldn't even walk to the milk stand because she was sure that 4x8 board was going to get her if she went by. One of my other does kept her head turned almost backwards to make sure the saw stand didn't get her. [​IMG]

    4) Someone new is milking her. Some does only like one person to milk them and don't take easily to a new milker. The new person just needs to work with them for a few days and the doe will usually settle down and allow it. Just make sure the new person is calm and in control.
  10. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Mine jumps around a bit before we realized it was our COLD hands! Poor girls![​IMG]

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