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Aug 4, 2012
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My family is raising two dairy goats, and one of them ate some Milkweed, and I was wondering if she could die?? My mom has been letting her eat different plants to get rid of the Milkweed taste, will that work??
How much did she eat? Do you have any activated charcoal on hand? It is sold in nearly all feed stores, in squeeze tubs. If you have some, follow the directions and give it to her. It will help bind up the toxic compounds.

Also, at least call a vet! There is actually no 'cure' for milkweed toxicity, if they consume enough. You essentially have to treat symptoms as they come and wait it out. Sedation is often used as part of the treatment. And sadly, sometimes it takes only a little milkweed to produce toxicity, with some milkweed species.

Edit: One of my goats grabbed a leaf of milkweed while on a walk (I've removed almost all of the milkweed on the property, but this one escaped my notice). She ate a small piece and had the milky juice all over her lip, which I wiped off. The vet told me to give activated charcoal (which I have in my medical supplies) and to watch her for any signs of neurotoxicity or cardiotoxicity. Thankfully, she was fine. Also, for some reason my post is not allowing me paragraph spaces? O_O sorry for the big mass of text.
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She ate about a half of a leaf, we don't have charcoal, I'm glad that you goat wasn't poisoned, and it's okay if you did a big text, my mom does big texts sometimes

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