Mille Fleur age?


10 Years
May 28, 2009
North Carolina

not sure if I am in the right area - But I gained a pair of mille fleur d'uccle from our local auction.. Once they were quarantine and treated for the scaley mites I have a lovely pair I think? but the question is how old are they? I have had them for about 8 weeks and since the 6th week she had layed an egg almost every day - and they are larger eggs then all my other bantams... is this normal? My largest eggs came from my cochins but hers are even larger!!




any help would be appreciated
I don't know of any way to age chickens but they look like young birds [1-2 years] to me. They also look pretty nice. Should be a good start with the breed. Start hatching those big eggs.
Definitely at least 1 year old, probably 2. Pretty birds, from what I can see.

Eggs shouldn't be 'large', but if fertile I'd hatch them while you can. Millies aren't the most dependable layers....
I agree with the age being between 1 and 2 years. Millies spots become more prominant with age and yours are spotted up nicely so I think the 1-2 years is a pretty good guess. I agree also in that you need to be hatching those eggs while you can! Very pretty birds, look like you made a nice pick up at the auction.
Very pretty .. I am really enjoying watching my MF and BMF spot out .. they are so precious!!
Judging on the fact that your birds seem to be fully feathered and that there are no long prominent tailfeathers i would say 1 year. Eggs? if eggs then maybe up to 2 but still quite young.

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