mille fleur bantam cochin project birds FS, mid-TN


Cracked Egghead
12 Years
Mar 31, 2008
Lebanon, TN
I now have several young mf bantam cochin project birds for sale.

You can see pics of the birds here:

I have not taken pics of all the birds yet. I'll try to get the rest done tomorrow, so keep checking the photo gallery. Each bird can be identified in the pic by its band number, which you will see starts with either LG or LP.

Older birds have lower band numbers. The oldest are approximately 8 months, and the youngest (not yet pictured) are approximately 3 months.

I will sell these birds ONLY in pairs or trios. I will **consider** shipping, but you would have to supply the box. I'm in mid-TN, but I frequently travel to Knoxville so if you're anywhere in the eastern half of the state we can probably arrange to meet.

Remember that these are **project** birds, and they should NOT be considered perfect mille fleur. You can see detailed photos of each bird at the link posted above.

I'm asking $30 per pair or $40 per trio, not including shipping.

Here's one pic just to whet your appetite:


See the rest at:

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