MIlle Fleur bantam Cochin project eggs 12+

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    This is for 12+ hatching eggs. Some of my pens are still working hard to put out eggs while I have other pens no longer together.
    Xavier is still in with his ladies, Schmoozle still has 2 MFC girls in with him and Bantyman still has his 2 speckled girls. Those are the pens that are laying best unless Dan's girls decide to give some but they haven't laid in a while.
    Wizard is in with new MFC girls and a few Marans pullets have jumped the fence to be with him. He is handsome! But I am not collecting from those pullets, their eggs are still small.

    I am getting gorgeous chicks. Please check out my web page with my MFCs.


    Bantyman and his ladies........



    Schmoozle's sister, Speckles. She is in with Xavier and laying well.


    I wrap very well and do my best to ensure that the eggs will arrive in very good condition for hatching but can not help what the PO office does to them during transit.
    Please PayPal at the end of auction to [email protected].

    Thank you for looking and happy bidding.

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