Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin (Project) Fall Breeder Sale- Pair of Hens

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    I have available my last pair of breeder hens (F5) from my Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin Project. They are proven breeders & have given me some beautiful babies. I am getting ready to rearrange my breeding pens with this years crop of new pullets. These girls will make a nice addition to your existing flock or some beautiful "eye candy"~!

    Hen- Pink Band # 14

    # 14 This girl has a beautiful chest pattern, but this isn't the best pic as she has her neck stretched to see what is going on behind me [​IMG]

    Hen-Pink Band # 16 This girls' cushion has fabulous pattern even in molt.


    If the girls look a little "moth eaten" [​IMG] it is only because they are in heavy molt. They will be beautiful again in a few months. They are both 15 months old.

    I "cannot" ship to VA as I don't have the proper paperwork. I take Paypal at [email protected] (Virginia Van Dyke).

    Please PM me with any questions. [​IMG]
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    Oh goodness, definitely eye candy :)
    I'm trying to make myself not bid until tomorrow :)

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