Mille Fleur bantam Cochin project pair

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    This auction is for a 5 month old rooster and a 1 year old hen. She lays well and I have hatched from her but her daughters are much better so I can let her go with this nice roo. They have both been kept in pens with other birds, allowed out on the ground, fed whole grains and mash, dewormed with red pepper flakes in oatmeal mash and I add ACV with garlic in their water.
    This would be a great pair to start a breeding program. This hen produces much darker than herself with the correct rooster like this one.

    The price above does include a new shipping box.

    Please visit my website to see more photos of my Mille Fleur bantam Cochin project.



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    How much does shipping usualy cost? Duh if I would have looked.
    (Stinking migraines)
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