Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin Quad


9 Years
Apr 11, 2010
Mooresville, IN
I have a Quad of Mille Fleur Cochin Bantams that I would like to find a new home for. We are thinning back on our chickens and have decided to let them go. The rooster and 1 hen we bought from Lynne in CA and the other two hens we bought from DANNY at the ohio national last November. All hens are laying and rooster is very fertial. All are a year old. Would rather pick up but can ship in two used boxes taped togeather for $80. Shipping inclueds cost of shipping, boxes, shavings and fruit for the trip.

Rooster is coming out of a molt at this time and one hen is coming off of being broody. Still getting on avarage 2 eggs a day from them.


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