Mille Fleur Belgian D'Uccles - Both cockerels?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
Vancouver Island
I think both our little Belgian D'Uccles might be cockerels. I'm almost positive I heard one trying to crow this morning, though they are among our youngest chicks (at 9 weeks old) so funny if they are the first trying to crow. It sounded like something being strangled. I wasn't actually looking when it happened, but it sounded like it came from in our coop and these two were the only ones in there at the time, though all the others were right outside so who knows. Anyway, I got these little guys to be pets, but likely won't keep them if they're cockerels (unless one or both end up being awesome roosters, protective of the hens, good with my kids, etc etc). They were straight-run chicks, so I knew the chances were good at least one would be a cockerel. There's always next year! I'm not sure what we'll do with them if they are both roos though. Our extra large fowl roos will end up in our freezer but I guess we would have to try and find homes for these guys.

P.S. Not sure what is preferred for posting these threads: Should I post all of my chicks at once in one thread, or does that get a bit complicated and I should just post one or two at a time? Or does it really matter one way or the other?

Both together: Chick 1 in front, chick 2 in back

Chick 1

Chick 1

Chick 2
Yup. Those two are both roos. I have 6 d'uccles at the moment that are 8 weeks old....3 are roos. They get pink combs very early, and the pullets have no pink and combs so small you can barely see them. Also, 2 of my 3 d'uccle roos are crowing at only 8 weeks old. As I understand it the males in this breed judt develop very quickly. On the up side, d'uccle roos are often very docile and sweet. All three of my boys are very friendly. They are also very beautiful. If you do decide to rehome them it shouldn't be too hard as this is a popular breed. Nice looking boys by the way.

Oh, and I think it is fine to post pics of all your chicks/birds in one thread as long as you number or name each one so people know who they are talking about.
Yes, these look like my 13 week old roo did at that age. I am keeping him!
What a beautiful sweetheart. Now he needs a little lady friend.
Thank you! Good to know. Do they look like they'll be nice looking d'Uccles or is it too early to tell? The breeder shows hers (and wins a lot around here), so they come from good lines. I might keep one, or maybe both. I don't know, it is so hard to decide which roosters to keep and which will go to freezer camp or on Craig's List!

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