Mille Fleur Cochin Hen


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Lennon, Michigan
This is a 2 year old Mille Fleur Cochin hen. She was part of my MFC project, but she throws a lot of black in her babies. "Millie" is hand tame and very sweet. She is a good layer and lays a large light brown egg for a bantam. She is by Lynne VanDyke's Casanova.

Shipping costs are approximate, add $10 for the box.

This is Millie last summer @ 1 yr:
I think she is adorable, she looks like the female version of my project mille bantam orpingtons.


I sure wish I had the space she'd have a home here.
He is cute! Now if you just needed feathered feet . . .

Do you still have the little blue orp pullet you got from me last year? She was such a sweetheart.
We had a friend come here and fall in love with her so she is a couple of towns over now, though I do miss her allot and think of her often. Even told her if she ever has to part with her for any reason she is to come back here. However our neighbors have a beautiful splash son of hers and I am now hatching eggs from him off a black hen, hoping for a nice blue or two to show later this year.
will have to send you some pictures of what she produced.
Oh, please do! I really liked her, but didn't have any other bantam orps, so had to let her go. I'm glad she is producing well! Thanks for the info.
Hey Mschickendad, I think we had this conversation before.. but, wanted to comment on your girl. I had her exact twin! I have since sold her but kept her daughter and am anxiously awaiting some babies this year.

Here she is.

... I think she could work well for Mf if she's paired with the correct roo

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