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    Feb 3, 2012
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    I have 2 cockerels from my Mille Fleur Cochins I need to sell or re-home. Prices vary but I'm fairly negotiable on them. If your interested let me know asap.

    My one guy, Max, was my main man this past summer. I hatched many chicks from him but don't see me needing him anytime soon and figure he was a great roo to help me with my project he can help others as well. His type is overall pretty good. He has a nice full, wide cushion and tight wings. His biggest faults are in his comb as it is so big. But he is friendly and really good with his girls so if anybody wants a really nice roo for their Mille Fleur Cochin project or Calico Cochins let me know. He is from Nancy Wicker.

    My other roo, Rafael is 6 months old and is a Blue Mille. He is taking a real long time to fill out but is just really friendly. I hatched him from my original roo Remington and a blue hen. His wings are tight but his cushion has yet to develop and his comb is still small.

    For more pics just ask me and I can get some.
    Max has been SOLD
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