Mille Fleur Cochins, Blue/Black Orps, Show Cochin Roo, Cayugas, WA

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11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
My Coop
My Coop
I will be in Portland at Thanksgiving and can transport to that area or along the way. I do not ship.

2 Mille Fleur bantam cochin roosters price reduced to $20 each or both for $35

Trio of Black/Splash Orps (black rooster), black hen & splash hen. One year old, produced LOTS of beautiful black & blue chicks for me this summer and still going strong! Price reduced to $50 for the trio!!! (Will not split up!)

Blue Laced Red (project) cochin cockerel. My first attempt at this color & cross. Looks like a golden/red laced with a bluish undertone. Hatched in June. $10

2009 Okanogan County Fair Grand Champion! 2009 white bantam cochin cockerel! Exceptional quality, very friendly. $50 with 4-H discount to $40 MAKE room to keep

June Crevecoeur rooster (black, standard). Hatched out two roosters & no hens this year--so he must go...$10 OBO

Pair of standard Buff Columbian (project) cochins--gorgeous, and super-friendly. Would be a great investment for someone wanting to develop some large mille fleur cochins! $50 until 10/1. If not sold, I'll be keeping them to work on next spring. PENDING!

1 Pair of black & white muscovies. These guys are 6 years old. The duck still lays an abundance of eggs, sits and hatches ducklings. VERY good mother--will hatch anything. The drake is hilarious and friendly...still making fertile eggs, too! $30 for the pair, to the perfect (safe) home!
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