Mille Fleur/Columbian Bantam Cochin


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
Don't Miss This!! Darling Mille Fleur cockerel, 4 months old, hatched August 26, 2011. He has stunning golden highlights on his head, black and gold splatters on his white body. His tale is irridescent black, lined with white and he shows beautifully. He has a nice type, an impressive broad chest and a compact body, fully feathered feet and legs. He might make a nice 4-H bird or for breeding. (Roosters are not allowed in my area or else I'd keep him.) He is being lovingly handled, becoming very friendly. He suddenly piped up with his first crow recently and now is in need of a new home.

I will drive 50 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio to help him find the right home.

If you are interested or would like more information on him I can be reached at either or call: 513-476-5233.
O how unusual!!! Ill take him im in La rue, But would be willing to drive to Richwood to meet you. Im not sure how far that is, my layers need a man :)
Can you ship? I live in Missouri. I would love to have him. I have only had chicks shipped so I dont know anything about shipping older birds but see that people do it.
Awwww! I have a little 2011 hatched cockerel from Mille Fleur project eggs that looks JUST like him!

Handsome boy!!! They could be brothers! I have hatched out a dozen mille fleur eggs and no two of them look alike! But, all of them are oh so pretty!

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