Mille Fleur D'uccle wit a crossbeak

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    Hi everyone i am new to this board. I have 23 , 8 week old chicks. One is a severely cross beaked little beauty. she is strong and a friendly little thing. She is trying to eat constantly because it is so hard for her to eat.
    I will be putting them out in their coop next week and am debating making her a house chicken. She always jumps out of her brooder to see me or my husband and is happy following us around. I'm worried about her being out of my sight because of the difficulty she has eating and drinking. The bigger normal chicks eat a lot of her food that i specially put in deep bowls for her.
    I don't want her to be unhappy either being away from the other birds. Can a chicken be happy with humans? i don't honestly know. I am torn between keeping her in my house and letting her fend for herself and letting nature take its course. I love her she is my favorite because she is so friendly. Thanks for any advice
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    Some people do keep "house chickens" so you may want do a search on the subject.
    Chickens IMO are much happier in a flock.
    As far as feeding, unless you separate her each time you feed her the others of course will eat out of the bowl(s) you put out. They don't really know the difference and all food in their mind is to be shared and eaten. You can try offering the same food for everyone in multiple bowls, the others will spread out, bouncing back and forth from bowl to bowl until they get their fill, but it may give her an opportunity to eat. Otherwise separate her several times a day and let her eat on her own.
    Depending on the severity of the cross/scissor beak she may adapt and flourish, or you may have to resort to keeping her separate and give her special care by tube feeding several times a day.
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