Mille Fleur d'Uccle X Ameraucana chick gender help, please!


10 Years
May 4, 2009
Wallingford, CT
I had a friend of mine pick up a gorgeous d'Uccle hen (now named, Dottie) from a farm in MA on his way to visit me in CT. The seller also unexpectedly packed along this chick that Dottie hatched, now approximately 8 weeks old. I'm sort of guessing it's a cockerel, but hoping that I end up being wrong. It's a cute little thing and a major SPAZZZZ, so it's name is Knucklehead. Knucklehead has a little pink comb, but no wattle development at all, as of yet. What do you all think?

Sorry about the bad cell phone pics and horrible lighting! Please note that the colors are pretty off in the last four photos. The first picture is a bit more accurate color-wise.


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