mille fleur hen just hatched out a nest full of chicks from a full sized Roo

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    Sep 22, 2015
    My dependable little Hollie has hatched out, or reared a number of clutches. I got rid of her Mille Fleur rooster 20 months ago. Usually, I wait 21 days, then sneak some pullets under her for her to do the raising. I was prepared to do that in two days, when lo and behold she has a clutch of her own of at least five chicks, after only 18 days of sitting. I had a young mixed breed large Roo in there until two months or so ago, and got a new home for him when he started crowing at only two months of age. That has to be the connection. I had heard that Mille Fleurs were true bantams and would not cross with normal sized chickens. I guess I was wrong. 18 months ago, she hatched out a Mille Fleur chick from her own clutch after the Millle Fleur rooster had been gone for two and a half months! I was amazed at how long she laid fertile eggs with no rooster. Any observations from other fanciers on this event?
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    I have no experience with these breeds, but I have heard that a hen can harbor live sperm from a rooster for a surprisingly long time.

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