Mille Fleur Project Bantam Cochin Cockerels

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    Hi everyone,

    I hatched out 4 (probably 5) roos from eggs I bought from Lynne... Every single baby was a boy! I am hoping one is a pullet but I am not holding my breath. These guys are so tame, so loving, so wonderful BUT I CAN'T keep roosters where I live. Otherwise I would keep every single one of them.

    Does anyone want one or two or five of my baby boys. It breaks my heart to get rid of them but I have no choice.

    I do not have current pictures right this moment but I will take some today and post them.

    I will meet you halfway somewhere. I will ship if you pay for actual shipping. But these boys are free to a good home.

    Talk to me people!!

    I am in Ventura County, California.

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