~Mille Fleur (project) bantam Cochin Trio #2 ~NPIP~

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    Mille Fleur (project) Cochin bantam Trio #2 (orange legbands). Very pretty, will be 7 weeks old at shipping time (May 23rd). Please keep in mind that this is a project color, no way to tell what they will look like as adults, as their colors change until they are 7 months old. No guarantees on sex but I am 80% accurate at sexing them at this age. I charge actual shipping cost which is $22-$38 depending on your zip. Email me for shipping cost. $5 box fee for new Horizon box. They will be shipped w/fruit for food/hydration. Payment due at auction end. If you cannot pay DO NOT BID. NPIP# 51-370, papers included. To see the parent birds visit our website: www.funkyfeathers.com. Thanks for looking. I do combine shipping (I have several other bird auctions).



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