Mille Fleur project hen ~NPIP

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Jan 15, 2009
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My Coop
Nice looking hen but not what I want for my breeding program. I have hatched more hens with correct MFC pattern so I no longer need her. Hopefully someone can use her in their project. She is healthy & clean and a good layer. She is about a year old. I bought her from Mrs.ChickenDad. Shipping goes by weight & zip code. PM me w/zip code for shipping cost. $10 new box fee. I have pullets & cockerels you can add to your order if you want, ** SORRY, NO SHIPPING TO VA. *** VA's testing rules are too strict. NPIP# 51-370. Will ship as soon as it is below 86 degrees on both ends. It is cool here now. Thanks for looking.


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